What is e4-12?
Edgewood Baptist Church is proud to team with Piedmont International University to offer this new education and training program. E4-12 is Piedmontís first Local Church Initiative. It is the groundbreaking new program that links the church and university together unlike ever before. An innovative system of distributed education that provides university level training at community college prices directly in and through the local church. The church provides the classroom and Piedmont provides the education. This program is not just for pastors or others serving in full-time ministry, but for serious Christians who want to go deeper in the Word, understand contemporary Christian issues, and take ministry to the next level.
Earn the Master of Arts in Ministry Degree
Those who hold a recognized bachelorís degree can earn an accredited Master of Arts in ministry degree in as little as three and a half years for less than $3,000 of total tuition. For less than $100 per credit hour, he or she can acquire a valuable credential by simply doing what committed Christians will be doing anywayÖ going to church and studying. The Master of Arts in Ministry degree is a 30 credit hour program made up of ten courses that each feature twelve, professionally filmed, 45-minute video classes that will be streamed and played in a classroom at your church. Between classes students will individually log on to Piedmont's Blackboard server for discussions, class assignments, and exams.
The Enrichment Option
For those who don't have a bachelor's degree, or donít desire to earn a Masterís degree, there is an enrichment option for only $39 per course. These students watch the twelve, professionally filmed, 45-minute video classes that will be streamed and played in a classroom at your church. Their attendance will be tracked, and they will receive a certificate at the end of each course and after attending all ten courses they will receive an official certificate of completion.
Planned Outcomes
The "e4-12" name was chosen based on the two desired results from Ephesians 4:12 where the Lord gives gifted teachers to the church to equip the saints for ministry and build the body. Our goal is to assist churches by graduating Christian leaders who are:
  1. Competent in Biblical and theological knowledge.
  2. Strong in their personal faith.
  3. Skilled in ministry.
  4. Outstanding in communication.
  5. Prepared to understand and engage their culture with courageous proclamation of the gospel and confident defense of the faith.
Visit www.e4-12.com and enroll today. If you have general questions about enrolling in e4-12, please contact our Admissions office at admissions@PiedmontU.edu or call us at 800.937.5097. If you have questions concerning payment, please contact us at
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